Stories, poems, occasionally music, and a love song blog

  • Stories section contains very very short stories or prose poems.
  • The Epic will have information about the epic poem A Beastly Comedy, published on 19th November 2021, available on Amazon. I’ll be posting the book here as youtube videos with possible text commentary. I believe the work should speak for itself, but maybe I’ll at least comment on things like prosody and allusions. A new canto posted every Wednesday.
  • Music has some piano pieces. Mostly I improvise, but once in a blue moon there might be a composition. Posts will be infrequent.
  • Love song blog is a collection of love songs I like. A new one posted every Friday.
  • In Finnish section contains poems in Finnish. Runoblogi has poems with random themes, with weekly posts. Even though it’s called a blog, the entries should be considered fiction. Other items in the menu are thematic collections.